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Who we are:

Our Goal

It is our goal to help people take control of their accounting and business operations. We are passionate about empowering our clients to feel confident when running their businesses, no matter what industry they are in.

Our team is available to take your call whenever you need to talk. We understand small business isn’t just 9 – 5 as you juggle the many challenges of running a business plus the other demands of life. Next Steps is here to be your problem solvers and sounding board for any difficulties you encounter or questions you may have.

We value excellence, integrity, empathy and trust. Our passion for what we do coupled with our desire to see your business succeed drives us forward.


Mathew Groznik  – Managing Director

Phone: 0498 897 110


Meet Matt, an experienced, but laid-back accountant with an impressive 25 years of experience in the financial realm. With a keen eye for numbers and a relaxed demeanor, Matt has mastered the art of effortlessly navigating complex financial landscapes while maintaining a calm and composed approach.


Throughout his extensive career, Matt has developed a thorough understanding of various accounting principles and practices. From financial analysis to tax planning and auditing, he has honed his skills over his 25 years of experience.


Matt's relaxed nature is his superpower, as it enables him to handle high-pressure situations with ease. He effortlessly maintains composure when faced with tight deadlines and demanding clients, ensuring accurate and efficient outcomes without compromising quality. 


Beyond his technical expertise, Matt possesses exceptional communication skills. He effortlessly translates complex financial jargon into understandable terms, enabling clients to make informed decisions with confidence. He builds strong relationships based on trust, ensuring open lines of communication and fostering collaborative environments.


When he's not crunching numbers, Matt enjoys immersing himself in various hobbies. He's an avid traveler, recently spending two years travelling Australia with his family.


With his wealth of experience and laid-back demeanor, Matt brings a unique blend of expertise and fun to the world of accounting. Whether he's managing financial portfolios, guiding businesses towards success, or mentoring aspiring accountants, Matt's relaxed approach makes him a valuable asset in any financial endeavor.


Amir Riahi – Managing Director

Phone: 0413 822 413


Amir is a passionate and dedicated Chartered Accountant who graduated from the University of Wollongong in 2007 with a Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting and Finance. Amir has lived in Iran and Dubai before moving to Wollongong and starting his accounting career in Sydney for mid-tier firms PKF and BDO.

Amir transitioned back to working at Set4Life Acocunting in 2013 helping businesses of all sizes achieve their goals before founding Next Steps Accounting in 2020. Amir is also a specialist SMSF adviser who can establish self-managed super funds and help with all aspects of SMSF compliance as well as all other aspects of tax and accounting drawing on his vast knowledge and experience.  

When he isn’t helping his clients, Amir is an avid adventurer who enjoys the outdoors, whether that be bushwalking, riding his mountain bike or having a swim at North Wollongong beach.


Alexandra Robinson – Manager


Phone: 0435 104 831


Alex started her accounting career by chance when taking an administrative role at a small Sutherland Shire firm. Finding a passion for helping people with their tax compliance and wanting to grow more in the industry she commenced her training at TAFE and transitioned to an accounting role. After moving to Wollongong Alex began working at Set4Life Accounting while completing her Advanced Diploma of Accounting – Alex is working towards obtaining her university degree in accounting.

Alex enjoys being the go-to person for her client’s day to day operations and dealings with the ATO to ensure their tax needs are being well looked after and they feel supported.

When she isn’t behind her desk, Alex enjoys taking her spoilt dog to Wollongong’s many beaches and travelling in her camper exploring the country.


Lance Infante – Manager


Phone: 0242 261 099


Meet Lance, the backbone of our team. His experience has been a whirlwind journey of number-crunching wizardry and his financial finesse has been honed over two decades of unravelling the mysteries of accounting's intricate tapestry, navigating through labyrinthine ledgers, and orchestrating a symphony of balance sheets.

With his friendly demeanour and unwavering support, he creates an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone around him. Lance's quiet nature hides a deep well of analytical prowess, allowing him to dissect complex challenges with ease. His disciplined approach ensures that every task is handled carefully and meticulously, leaving no room for errors.

Beyond the office walls, Lance is a sports enthusiast who excels in both basketball and table tennis, bringing his competitive spirit to the court. When he's not busy analysing data or acing a serve, you can find him unwinding watching TV shows and movies.  Lance truly embodies the perfect blend of professionalism and passion, making him an invaluable asset to our team. 

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